Three in One Baby Cradle Cotton Hammock Beige

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Scientific gravity up-and-down
Simulate the motion state of the parent

Why is it more scientific to swing up and down?
When the baby is in the mother's environment, it gently swings up and down as the mother walks, so the baby will stop crying and fall asleep quietly once it feels being held and moving up and down. Similar to the treasure mothers often holding the baby do radish squat, to avoid the severe shaking of the baby brain development caused by bad effects. The environment-friendly cradle can well simulate the environment where the baby is wrapped in the mother. Swinging up and down can simulate the motion state of the baby in the mother, feel the familiar comfort, find a sense of security in the swinging up and down, and sleep easily.

The complete shaker consists of firefly cradle machine, hammock, and white cradle stand aluminum bracket:

Motorise Cradle Come with Warm white LED Night Light (For Night Feeding)

Studies shown that babies who use the rocking cradle learn to crawl, sit and walk faster.
High quality resilient spring that provide natural swinging motion.
Spring have zero noises and Easy to Hook up with One hand.
Smaller size, can be use with power bank type C input. So easy to bring out for camping.
The motorise cradle can run on power bank battery mode for two days without charging.
Come with Timer Setting of 0.5 hours, 1 hour, 2 hours and OFF Timer
Come with warm white baby Sleeping light and also used as Night Feeding Light.
Natural organic cotton cradle cloth
Hammock shape allow baby to sleep comfortable and feel safe.
New and elegant design of the hammock.Pure natural pollution - free natural comfort
Organic cotton is recognized in the
world as a green and healthy fabric
suitable for babies,air circulation, breathable not sultry
Refreshing and bacteriostatic, easy to disassemble,Safety anti-shift webbing, safety belt design
Tripod Stand is Easy Assemble and Foldable
Very Stable Stand can hold an adult.
Three Section low cost in shipping and Portable. Easy for backpack and travel.