Company Profile


Everything we do is for the kids, the moms and the kids. We are a leader in applying the latest technologies to create innovative, elegant and value-added products for mothers, babies and children. Our products include unique baby cradle spring, hammock, baby stand, baby sleep bed, baby sleeping bag, radiation blanket, pregnant woman radiation clothing, regulating baby sleep mask, skin care textile fiber releases vitamin E into the wearer's skin while sleeping, etc.
Our sister company is located in China with a wide range of resources. The design and worldwide marketing are located in Malaysia and China. All our products are designed by our team thus we ensure what you are selling are with minimum competition. We can also customize the design for your company brand to ensure uniqueness of your products in the world.
Our team consists of competent engineers and skillful manufacturing workers and a superb quality control team. We believe that only innovative, elegant and quality products could satisfy the new breed of customers in today's digital age.