How to choose right Cradle for your Baby.

Posted by Ryan Quah on Jun 28th 2023

How to choose right Cradle for your Baby.

Spring cradles are getting popular with babies and, of course, is a chat topic among the parents who took care of the baby. There are many types of spring cradle motor on the market – selecting the right cradle for your baby is a wise investment decision. A right purchase decision save you lots of headache of fixing issues after sales and time incur for facing continuous problems raise by the cradle motor.

On the market, there are many spring cradle motors which have different looks and design,

how to choose the right motorise cradle ? Based on our vast experienced, we have listed below

important featured to be consider when purchase the cradle.

Low Noise Motor and Springs

Due to the cradle running on DC motor, many DC motors will generate ascoutics noise during

operation. Our motor and engine use a very low noise engine, futhermore the spring design

was patented with low noise design.

Core Materials are Stainless Steel

Safety always come first when we use the cradle. You have to ensure that the cradle core

metal are parts stainless steel. Some cradle in the market use iron core metal. Iron is prone to

corrode and wear out. Therefore iron need to be painted in the surface and this paint will one

day dry and peel off and drop onto the baby body or face. After using for some time, the

hanging hole of the iron plate will wear off and potentially break and cause the collapse and

drop of the baby. Hence, we are using Stainless Steel material without paint or coating on the

stainless steel plate.

Easy to Set Timer

Many timers need to set the time and minutes, we have consider this to be troublesome to the

busy parents, hence we have design the timers selection to be just a button press and not

require accurate selection of time. Three time selection available that is 30 mins, 1 hour and 2

hours. The Timer can be off as well and the cradle will continue to run until power is off.

Night Feeding Light

Newborn babies often wake up in the midnight due to various reason, especially they are

hungry, or being scared of dark or uncomfortable, being hot or cold, feeling the need for

comfort and connection, and so on.

We have consider this issue and in our latest model of the product, we have build in Warm

White LED light feature into the cradle, so it now come with a Night feeding light. The night

feeding light help to maintain a comfortable ambient light environment so that the baby is not

fully awake when hungry and the parent still able to base on these light to feed the baby.

Elegant Design

A beautiful and elegant design is a plus to your beautiful home and a deserve gift to your